Over a year later..

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Dear Ziggy,

You’re 5-and-a-half now. You are getting smarter, taller, and funnier every day. You are always happy and you love to learn. Yesterday you asked me if I knew that water weighed more than air. You’re reading now. We don’t really care what you read, as long as it interests you (see: comic books). You can sound out most words but don’t always know what they mean. “Mom, what is agility?”
You know what vertices are and you are naturally good at Math, like your Dad. You have a tough exterior but are really soft deep down inside, like your Mom. Your favorite things: playing video games especially Kirby, being home, eating all the strawberries in the house, getting cozy and watching movies but there has to be popcorn, running, always running. We thought you were ready to give up Mr. Elephant but he came back out of the cupboard the other day, you were in tears and missing him. It’s okay. You are moving further and further away from being “little” but I still catch glimpses of it sometimes.

I never thought I’d be here, turning 40 and pregnant with your little brother. I can feel him moving in my belly now, and memories of you doing the same are not too far away. I’ve wanted this for you for a very long time and now it looks like it will happen.

Daddy is so excited. You seem interested, but when we ask if you’re excited you say you’ll be excited when the baby gets here. Very practical of you.. or skeptical.. or both? I asked if you’d be helping me take care of the baby and you said you like to “do your own thing”. Oh, we’ll see about that. Things will be changing. I’ve focused on you and only you for almost 6 years. You are my first little baby boy. You will always hold that special spot in my heart.

We don’t have a nickname for this new baby. Even attempting to brainstorm a name for this baby has been very, very difficult. One of your classmates told me we should name him Heart. There’s an idea.

Spending lots of special time with you before the baby comes is important to us. We make sure to do a lot of things with you now that we might not have the extra time for later.. special fancy dinners, trips to Build a Bear, Mets games, days out doing whatever you want.

You might not remember a whole lot about these 6 years with just “us”. But I will, and I cherish every moment we’ve spent with just you.


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