The World Keeps on Spinnin’

Posted: June 30th, 2013 | Author: Lisa | Filed under: Uncategorized |

Dear Ziggy,

You’re nearly 4 years old now. You completed your first school year a few weeks back. You are a happy, bright, funny, lovable little boy. As always.


Your current favorite things:
Asking me to narrate what every object in your world is thinking and saying.

Asking friends over and also inviting yourself to their homes.

Saying hello to and waving at every person we encounter on the street.

Getting dressed by yourself. If we help you at all, you start over again by taking everything off.

Drawing pictures and making cards for people. Practicing your alphabet in doing so.

You like a new vegetable: kale!!!

Making up silly words that rhyme with actual words.

Going to the science museum.


Pressing the elevator buttons because now you know which numbers to push to help get us where we’re going.

Talking to the doormen. You are very social and never shy.

Working on our summer to-do list. (More on this later.)

I plan to get back on the blogging horse starting now. I have a lot to tell you about you.

Love you,

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