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Dear Ziggy,


It’s been a month. I don’t know if I can sum up the past month in one post but I can try. Pictures help tell the story, as usual.

We’ve been working on this. You are sorta getting it but not loving it. I’m just glad you stopped screaming every time I stick you on there.

This is your new thing. No, not the heels! DINOSAURS! You’re completely captivated by them.

Just check out how excited you were at The Museum of Natural History. We had to drag you out of there. You like to pretend to be a dinosaur - you walk around the house and creep up on us and then roar and grab us.

Not as exciting, but you let Maggie clean your teeth! Well, I was excited because I am really into oral hygiene. It was a milestone.

We celebrated Chinese New Year. It’s the year of the Dragon. You love noodles.. especially Bak Bak noodles. :)

Yer just really really adorable. All the time.

Things you say and do:
-You call boogers “crumbs”. If you find an actual crumb of food on the floor you will pick it up and give it to me. You’ve always been this way.
-You are a smooth manipulator. You’ll casually say things like “Hey, what show you wanna watch?”
-We started implementing “time-outs” where you sit in the “naughty spot” (this green rug we have) and at the end of the 2 minutes I ask you to say you’re sorry for whatever it is you did and then you give me a hug and kiss. So lately when you go into the time out you’ll immediately try to bribe me into getting out of it by asking to hug and kiss me. You rascal!
-Ever since we started potty training you’ll lie and say you have to go poop in order to get out of doing things you don’t want to do, like go to bed.
-You’ve been sick a lot in the past month so haven’t seen many friends. You decided that your fireman puppet (Frank) and Mr. Potato Head are your 2 best friends. You ask me to ‘make them talk’ and ‘make them touch your toys’. You talk to them a lot. It’s hilarious. To me.
-You like chapstick.

-Your favorite question is “What’s that?”
-You love puzzles! Your current fave is a 24 piece puzzle. Yes, it’s a DINOSAUR puzzle. :)
-You love going to the library and checking out books. About dinosaurs, mostly. (Um. I must admit, I’m finding that I really need to brush up on my dinosaur names.)
-You’re really fun to be around these days.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks for napping right now so I could write this.

I love you more,