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Dear Ziggy,

Looks like somebody’s starting to enjoy his solid foods! Hooray! Instead of having to trick you into eating off the spoon, we have reached the point where you will lunge for it and eagerly eat your apples, pears, bananas, peaches, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, rice/oat/barley/spelt cereal and plain rice juk.

I love that you are starting to enjoy eating because me and your Daddy are major foodies (if you couldn’t tell from our chubbiness).

I didn’t used to think of food as much more than fuel til I met your Dad. He introduced me to a bunch of stuff including avocados, asparagus, sushi, eggs (I used to hate them), even ketchup and pickles! I was very close-minded, once but that got boring really fast. Life got much more exciting when I loosened up and was willing to try new things. I’m glad you’ll be exposed to all sorts of cuisines (real Chinese food, Thai, Malaysian, Japanese, Indian, Spanish, to name a few) and am hoping you’ll be willing to try anything at least once. Living with us, and having relatives that are big into good food, it’ll be pretty hard for you not to turn out to be anything but a food lover. If not, we’re going to have to double check things back at the lab.

Food is love,

Always Sunny

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Dear Ziggy,


A little leprechaun visited me this week. Oh wait, that was you! A bunch of new stuff has been happening. Besides your first St. Patrick’s Day, (yes, you are a little bit Irish!) you are getting your first tooth - bottom front, left side. You had your first fever and first cold last week. It was no fun for any of us and thank goodness you are all better now. Phew!


You are starting to figure out how to crawl. You get on all fours and rock back and forth but aren’t quite sure what to do next. You’ve been meeting more and more new baby friends. Yesterday you met Coleman and had a lot of fun! Your favorite new song that I sing to you is this one. (Quack Quack Quack Quack!)

My favorite part of each day is feeding you your morning bottle and then singing you songs and reading you a book. This morning we read ‘Green Eggs and Ham’. There is really nothing better than waking up to your sweet face. It feels like Christmas every day.

The weather has been gorgeous this week and we’ve been going out walking every day. We bring you everywhere, including restaurants and you’ve been so good. We just park you in your little booster seat and you look around watch us eat and are just as happy as can be.

I’m so glad that spring has sprung, and there are more daylight hours for us to venture out in. As it gets warmer, I cannot wait to take you to the beach, the park, anywhere and everywhere to explore and see new stuff. You make even the simplest things in life so much more exciting. Seeing the world through your eyes is like experiencing everything as if it’s all brand new again. I feel so lucky and honored that I get to share all of your firsts with you. Thank you for bringing sunshine to my life, every single day.

I love you so much,


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Dear Ziggy,


WAKE UP! We have new places to go and new people to meet!


We’ve been frequenting some new mommy meetups in the past few weeks and it’s been a HUGE breath of fresh air. I’m meeting really cool moms and you are meeting your very first itty bitty baby friends! It’s been so much easier than I’d ever expected. Who knew that having a baby would be an instant social life resuscitator?! Instead of awaking each day and wondering how we’re going to fill it, our social calendar has been filling up and up and up!

The gorgeous weather has been helping, too. We’ve had a nice string of warm, sunny days lately and it’s been a big mood lifter. It’s time to wave goodbye to winter and welcome the sun and the happiness back to our lives. Each new day is more exciting than the last! Especially with you.