Baby On The Move

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Dear Ziggy,


Soon we will be needing some of these:


Because you’re getting closer and closer to acting like this:

I fear the day when you start rearranging the furniture.


The Ox meets The Tiger

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Dear Ziggy,

Gong Hay Fat Choy! This means ‘Happy New Year’ in Chinese. You celebrated your first new year this weekend and had a wonderful time with the Chins! You received a ton of red envelopes and gave out valentines and candies to everyone. 2010 is the Year of the Tiger and it looks like it’s going to be an auspicious year - your Daddy’s brother and his wife are pregnant due around the same time of the year you were born. You are getting a cousin and a little buddy to play with. Hooray!!


Ooh. There you go biting on your bottom lip again. You’ve been chewing on your fingers and drooling soo much lately. I think a few teeth will be making an appearance soon. You’ve been eating rice cereal for almost 2 weeks now and though you don’t love it, you are making progress. But sometimes you end up looking like you’re wearing a beard.


You grew out of your newborn diapers quite some time ago. Then you wore size 1 diapers, then size 2, and now you’re up to size 3! I feel like the time is starting to really fly by now. I need to go through your dresser once again and weed out all of the clothes you can no longer fit into.

You are getting more mobile and the days where I can put you down and leave the room then come back and find you pretty much where I left you are numbered. You are getting better at shimmying and inch-worming your way around and I think you will be crawling soon.

I look at pictures of you from when you were first born and it so hard to believe you’ve grown so big already.

You aren’t much of a cuddler, I am starting to find. But whenever I do have the chance to trick you into snuggling me (if only for a moment) I make sure to take advantage of it. The opportunities for this are less and less, especially since we have stopped nursing. Now I can understand why some mommies hold on to nursing for years and years. It’s a great way to steal hugs!

I’m beginning to realize that your baby time is going to end pretty soon. Soon you’ll be a toddler and then you’ll be a kid! I want to hold on to these last few months of your babyhood oh so tightly.

I love you so much it makes me bite my own lip, baby Daniel.


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Dear Ziggy,


I’m always pretending to eat your chin, your fingers, your armpits, your feet, all in an effort to get you to giggle. You probably think I’m the most ridiculous person in the world.

I will do anything to win your laughs. You will laugh at me if I sing you the ABC song or if I help you give me high-fives. Last week you found it hilarious when I made a funny popping noise with my mouth.

This laugh just melts me. I’ve yet to develop laugh lines and I think if anyone’s going to accomplish that it’s going to be you. I really don’t mind. It’s the mark of a happy life. And I can’t remember ever being happier.