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Dear Ziggy,

That last note I wrote you reminded me of something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about for a while.

Your ears.

We always knew you’d be a combination of the both of us, but we didn’t know how precisely and equally that would manifest itself until we got a peek at your ears.

Your right ear, it’s exactly like your Daddy’s:
The outer edge is rounded.

Your left ear, it’s exactly like mine:
The outer edge is crimped flat.

It’s subtle enough that most people wouldn’t notice. But of course it’s one of the first things we noticed about you.

I know you will have many other traits that will show themselves as coming from me and others that will clearly come from your Dad but it’s nice having a constant visual reminder that you are the sum of us. It’s almost as if that divine thing in the universe that put you together was chuckling to itself when it chose those two ears for you.

I think this is rather spectacular. Just like you.

You are so unique in so many ways and you haven’t even learned how to crawl yet. I can’t wait to find out more about you. All those secret hidden things the naked eye cannot see.


Be My Pretty Baby

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Dear Daniel Ziggy Chin,

Did you know?

You’re growing.

You’re giggling more and more.

You’re learning how to do so many new things you’re tiring yourself out!

You are busy every moment of the day. If you’re not babbling, you’re rolling over. If you’re not rolling over, you’re kicking and grabbing. If you’re not kicking and grabbing, you’re surveying your surroundings.

The world is a new and incredible puzzle you’re trying to figure out and I love watching you solve it.

Daddy has been able to spend more time with us lately and it’s been a treat. We go for a lot of walks (you still sleep through those), and just yesterday while we were in Flushing a man stopped us on the sidewalk to say just how beautiful you are and what a good combination your Daddy and I made. I don’t talk to you too much about this sort of thing because I don’t want you to get a big head (no pun intended since your noggin does consistently measure in the 97th percentile) but people are always commenting on your good looks.


Looks are important. I’m not going to lie to you. Life will probably be easier for you because you’re easy on the eyes. But there is so much more to a person than their mile long eyelashes or their perfect rosebud lips or their silky, creamy skin. There is, I promise. I mean, I’m pretty sure there is but my thoughts are clouded by this magnificently adorable baby sitting next to me.


Home Movies

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Dear Daniel,

We got a lot of use out of our favorite Christmas present this year - a Flip HD.

Here’s some footage we shot of your very first Christmas.


The Present is a Gift

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Dear Daniel,

You have started to do some new things in the last few weeks. You squeal, you laugh, you love to use your hands (not to mention eat them), and you’ve learned to roll over. I can’t believe how quickly you’re learning and changing.

You’re also growing bigger and bigger! We have your 4 month check-up soon and I can’t wait to find out how tall you’ve grown. We know approximately how heavy you are since we do step on the scale with you from time to time for fun. Heh.


You just celebrated your first Christmas AND took your first plane ride down to North Carolina. You handled the plane rides well and ate and slept and were very quiet both ways. We weren’t too surprised but all of the airplane passengers sure were! They thought you were a dream.


You’re just like your daddy. Pop you into a moving vehicle and you’re out like a light!

You met a bunch of my relatives for the first time including 4 little people. I’m not sure you noticed these other babies but I bet you will in time, and maybe someday soon you can play together.


We came back to New York for several more Christmas celebrations and you made out like a bandit. We are renaming Christmas Danielmas.


We did our yearly photo in front of the fireplace at your Grandma’s sister’s house in Connecticut.


This was last year’s photo. (You are in it too, you just can’t see you since you’re under that pillow and inside my tummy.)


Last night the three of us rang in the New Year together. You were up to party with us all night long and we couldn’t get you to settle down until around 1 in the morning because you were having way too much fun rolling from your back to your belly over and over again.

This is the kind of party I am happy to attend these days. It’s where I want to be.