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Dear Ziggy,

Every time I turn around, another week has flown by. You will be happy to learn that last week I found out I don’t have gestational diabetes! This means we can continue to eat all the ice cream we want (this week’s flavor was Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip, in case you were curious). :)

So many strangers have been commenting to me about how big you are. Everyone thinks I must be giving birth to you very soon but we still have another 2 months to go. You are going to be a big boy!

Last week I allowed myself to do something I never thought I’d do - I bought a few items of clothing for you. I am a pretty superstitious person so this was a big move for me.
Yesterday, your Daddy and I went shopping for your crib. A year ago, I never thought I’d be doing any of these things. I’d always avoided the children’s section at Ikea like the plague because it made me sad. It was such a wonderful feeling to be able to walk into that showroom and pick up a few things for you. It made me feel so incredibly lucky.

I need to start believing you are going to arrive and be a part of our lives in just a few short weeks. This is something that I’ve had such a difficult time doing throughout this pregnancy.
Your mommy is the eternal pessimist. Hopefully you will change that. :)

Everything about my life has now turned to the future. Our future with you; our future as a family. I am ready to say goodbye to the past and the heartache and welcome you into our life.

I love you so much. And I believe in you.

You You You

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Dear Ziggy,


Look! It’s your paw! You might’ve heard him a lot lately because he’s been humming some songs to you through my belly. Last night you were kicking him in the face as he hummed you this song. He insists we try putting some classical music up to your belly since some folks say that it makes babies smarter but I find it hard to believe. As if you need to get any smarter. :)

The past two weeks have been full of home renovations. We are getting ready for you! You are the most special house guest we’ll ever have and I am not sure I’m ever going to really feel ready for your arrival. I am betting you won’t notice or care about all the changes we’ve made just to suit you but that’s okay.

I took a test last week to find out if I have gestational diabetes and today I’m going to find out the results. I really hope I don’t have it because that would mean less ice cream for you, baby. And we all know how much you love your Edy’s.

Only 11 more weeks until we get to meet you. I want nothing more in the world.


Who’s the Fancy Baby?

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Hi Ziggy! We actually have a new nickname for you that we use from time to time these days.
Since your dad likes the name Daniel, and I like “Ziggy”, we’ve decided to throw the two together and have begun referring to you as DANZIG. I hope that video doesn’t scare you too much.

Last week we did something new and sort of scary: we bought our very first brand-spanking new CAR! And it’s pretty much just for you. Yep, you are one fancy baby. I can’t wait til you are here to throw cracker crumbs all over the back seat. And I can’t wait to use my conversation mirror to spy on your cute little self.

We’ve been doing a lot of things to prepare for your arrival, and this is just one of them. I’ll fill you in on the rest later. Until then, could you try to maybe lay off kicking my cervix for just a little while? I’ll love you forever.