Ziggy, I am your father..

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Hey kiddo,

Your mother has requested that I write something to you publicly, but now that I have your attention, what do I say? Well let me start by saying how excited everyone is that we are having you, and no one more so than I. I have so much to show, tell, and teach you as you get older.

By the time you read this, you’ll probably realize that your first name isn’t actually Ziggy. I’m sure you and many people have wondered what the origin of “Ziggy” was, some people thought Ziggy Stardust, some thought Ziggy Marley and some even thought the short fat bald cartoon character Ziggy. The real story is that you were a zygote when we first saw you and almost immediately I started calling you “Ziggy the zygote”, the end. It’s not the most exciting story but it’s the truth.

Unfortunately some people *ahem* were concerned with us naming you “Ziggy”, afraid you’d get picked on or that Ziggy wasn’t a serious enough name. Not wanting to curse you with a future of name calling or rasta hats for Christmas we opted to name you ****** (we still haven’t figured it out yet), and have your nickname or middle name be Ziggy (also yet to be determined).

Well, it’s late and your father has to get up early for work, gnite.



Every Little Thing

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Dear Ziggy,

This is a page from my baby book. My mom and dad were very detailed in keeping track of any and every little thing when it came to me. Did you know that I was an excellent sleeper? Some things never change. There are even pages and pages of notes documenting the color, fragrance, consistency and weight of my poo during the first several weeks of my life. Now that’s love.

Here are a few excerpts from the book:

At eight months of age her vocabulary consisted of Mama, Dada, Nana, and Baba. At ten months - Daddy was eating an eclair and she stood in front of him begging for a bite, so she took a bite and while she was chewing she said in a loud voice NUM NUM NUM - from then on you had to share it.

At 16.5 months she could say: nose, brush, baby, now, me, hot, ice, gee gee (cracker), nanee (banana), juice, no no, ow, Daddy, Mommy, tickle tickle, doggy, glasses, bobby, boo, nite nite, bye bye. Also at this time she had 10 teeth. Other words she says: keys, book. At 22.5 months she was brushing her teeth and sitting on the potty. Not using it yet though!!

I know that my records of you will be just as, if not more, detailed and I just can’t wait to start documenting every little bit of you. But I promise, I’ll try not to weigh your poops.


It’s a Ziggy!

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Dear Z,

It's a BOY!

You’re a BOY! And it seems as though you really enjoy lying on your stomach and using the placenta as a pillow. We had a hard time seeing all your parts today because you were trying to take a nap but we did see the one between your legs, twice! Now we can finally start visualizing what life will be like when you’re here.

We can’t wait to meet you, little baby boy.