A 2 year old and an 8 year old

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All is well. I want to start writing here again. Until then…

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Over a year later..

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Dear Ziggy,

You’re 5-and-a-half now. You are getting smarter, taller, and funnier every day. You are always happy and you love to learn. Yesterday you asked me if I knew that water weighed more than air. You’re reading now. We don’t really care what you read, as long as it interests you (see: comic books). You can sound out most words but don’t always know what they mean. “Mom, what is agility?”
You know what vertices are and you are naturally good at Math, like your Dad. You have a tough exterior but are really soft deep down inside, like your Mom. Your favorite things: playing video games especially Kirby, being home, eating all the strawberries in the house, getting cozy and watching movies but there has to be popcorn, running, always running. We thought you were ready to give up Mr. Elephant but he came back out of the cupboard the other day, you were in tears and missing him. It’s okay. You are moving further and further away from being “little” but I still catch glimpses of it sometimes.

I never thought I’d be here, turning 40 and pregnant with your little brother. I can feel him moving in my belly now, and memories of you doing the same are not too far away. I’ve wanted this for you for a very long time and now it looks like it will happen.

Daddy is so excited. You seem interested, but when we ask if you’re excited you say you’ll be excited when the baby gets here. Very practical of you.. or skeptical.. or both? I asked if you’d be helping me take care of the baby and you said you like to “do your own thing”. Oh, we’ll see about that. Things will be changing. I’ve focused on you and only you for almost 6 years. You are my first little baby boy. You will always hold that special spot in my heart.

We don’t have a nickname for this new baby. Even attempting to brainstorm a name for this baby has been very, very difficult. One of your classmates told me we should name him Heart. There’s an idea.

Spending lots of special time with you before the baby comes is important to us. We make sure to do a lot of things with you now that we might not have the extra time for later.. special fancy dinners, trips to Build a Bear, Mets games, days out doing whatever you want.

You might not remember a whole lot about these 6 years with just “us”. But I will, and I cherish every moment we’ve spent with just you.


So Happy Together

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Dear Ziggy,

On a cold night like tonight, I sit and think about how lucky our family is. We are healthy, happy, and warm. We don’t need much more than that. I continue to be amazed by you. You make me laugh every single day. Yes, still.

You love doing crafts, also known as “projects”. You’ve started to pretend a whole lot more since school started and I’m so glad. There’s going to be a talent show and you’ve decided your talent is “beatboxing”. That sounds about right to me.

You’ve grown a considerable amount since I last wrote here. You skipped right over size 4 and jumped to 5 in a matter of a month or two. You’ve been eating and eating and eating. You don’t say no to very many foods and you will try anything at least once, which is pretty rare for a 4 year old. A new favorite: raspberries. You even like celery, something Daddy detests.

New development: board games! You got a bunch for Christmas and you’re really into them. “This is great!”, you’ll say. I like how you gloat when you’re winning. (Not really.) I wonder where you got your competitive streak from?

The holidays came and went so quickly. It would appear you’re getting kind of big for Santa’s lap already.

You told me sometimes you tell your friends that your name is Ziggy and sometimes it’s Daniel. I had to smile at that.
I thank my lucky stars for you.


We’ve Done It All, Baby

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Hello, crazy boy.


Summer. We’ve spent the last 9 weeks together. Or is it 10? Every day. Together.
And. We’ve done a lot. Only a few weeks left til you start Pre-K. I think we can manage to check the rest of these items off the list.
I even have a few surprises up my (short) sleeve.

Love you,

The World Keeps on Spinnin’

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Dear Ziggy,

You’re nearly 4 years old now. You completed your first school year a few weeks back. You are a happy, bright, funny, lovable little boy. As always.


Your current favorite things:
Asking me to narrate what every object in your world is thinking and saying.

Asking friends over and also inviting yourself to their homes.

Saying hello to and waving at every person we encounter on the street.

Getting dressed by yourself. If we help you at all, you start over again by taking everything off.

Drawing pictures and making cards for people. Practicing your alphabet in doing so.

You like a new vegetable: kale!!!

Making up silly words that rhyme with actual words.

Going to the science museum.


Pressing the elevator buttons because now you know which numbers to push to help get us where we’re going.

Talking to the doormen. You are very social and never shy.

Working on our summer to-do list. (More on this later.)

I plan to get back on the blogging horse starting now. I have a lot to tell you about you.

Love you,


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Dear Ziggy,

I haven’t written here in a long time. It’s not because I didn’t want to write. I won’t go into details with you but Mommy had an owwie and went to the hospital and the doctors fixed me. I’m okay now. And being away from you and being presented with the idea that something could ever take me away from you made me think really hard about a lot of things.

We are busier these days. Busy making sure we make all the right moves. Busy teaching you the right way and steering you back from the wrong way. This is a process that’s getting more and more complicated but I had the chance to see the much greater picture and realize that each moment is meaningful and each moment is a beautiful gift. You will learn that some words hurt. Some hands hit. Sometimes your feelings are hard to control. This can take a lifetime to understand and we are learning and growing together. These days, some long and some short, all pieced together make up our map. Our life. But there’s no need to hurry.

You will learn everything you need to know to get through this journey. This is because you have your Mommy and Daddy who love you, and who love each other, very very much. You will never lose us. We will always be here. A day will come when you’ll be ready to go off on your own adventures, studying your own maps. And we know this. All we can do is steer you towards what is right and what is good so you have all the things you need for a meaningful life.

I love you this big,


Your favorite things right now:

“Oh I’m lookin’ for my missin’ piece
I’m lookin’ for my missin’ piece
Hi-dee-ho, here I go,
Lookin’ for my missin’ piece”
― Shel Silverstein, The Missing Piece

Yoga, maps, Science, Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers, being tickled, strawberries, ninjas, Harry Potter Puppet Pals, details, spinning coins, learning the alphabet, playing hide-and-seek, video games (I know).

What Day Is It?

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I’ve forgotten. But Daniel may know.

Learning To Pedal

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Too Cool For School.. etc… etc…

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Dear Daniel Ziggy,

Hi! What a whirlwind the last month has been. I’m finally coming up for air after your birthday party, your first days of preschool and a trip to visit family down south.

Phew! I think we’re gonna coast for a while.

You turned 3 and we celebrated at your favorite museum! The Firefighters Museum! You had a blast and everyone loved watching you have such a great time.

You started school and you are just way too cool. Yep.

“Daniel be nimble, Daniel be quick, Daniel jump over the candlestick!” You are doing great at school, zero separation anxiety (YAY!), the only negative feedback from your teachers is that you don’t listen very well. But what 3 year old does? We are constantly working on this!! But you are stubborn.. like someone I know. Me.

Being cool again. Or maybe this is that time you were being awesome. I forget.

I adore this pic of you. <3

Took a trip to Charleston. Mmm mmm french fries!

Gah! A peek at the future you.. Sigh.

Isle of Palms beach.


Your Grandma, Pop-Pop and Uncle Derek! Everybody.

One last splash!

So there you have it. Farewell to summer.. Hello to school, the crunch of fall leaves and very soon, HALLOWEEN!




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Dear Ziggy,

3 years ago today, you came onto the scene and things have never been the same. One thing that has never changed about you is your silly, fun-loving personality and joy for life. There is nothing subdued about you. You are life personified.

Here’s a little look back to see how far you’ve come. We’ve loved sharing the ride with you, you sweet, wacky, bright boy.


first video footage of Daniel

1 year old

1.5 years

22 months

2 years

33 months

I love you more than anything in the whole wide world.